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Tired of the hassles of buying new and bargaining prices as a foreigner in Korea? At G'moto our prices are clearly marked on all of our bikes and they are exactly the same prices as what you see on the Motorcycles Korea website (the distributors in Korea). So what makes us better than other dealers? Well we sell a lot of bikes so we are able to throw in some nice extras like FREE oil and brake pads for 12 months. On top of that most bikes come with free cover, helmet, security lock, mobile phone holder, and gloves. From what our customers have told us we are the only ones in Korea  giving all that away free with new sales. Free gifts promotion (DVR) is also included on all new bikes.



We are proud of the vehicles we sell. A lot of dealers out there will sell whatever comes into their shop. Not us! If a trade in doesn't meet our quality standards we will scrap it for parts. All of the pre-owned vehicles here are road worthy and safe for use for years to come. Our inventory for used is constantly changing so email us, contact us on www.facebook.com/symgangnam, call us, or feel free to stop by our shop and do a few test drives.

Also for those looking for a particular bike that we don't have in stock with a small deposit (to show you are a serious buyer) we will have our staff look all over Korea to find the bike of your choice that fits your budget. 

Check out our Facebook page for lots of newly listed used bikes.... www.facebook.com/symgangnam