Rentals MUST have a reservation.

Please call +822-568-1283 to make a reservation. or E-mail :

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Korea Scooter Tours | G'moto


A first in the Seoul area is our guided scooter tour packages. Each tour includes motorcycle or scooter rental, insurance, snack and drinks, plus a tri-lingual guide. So what is the advantage of taking a scooter tour over say a bus tour? Well for one we can move around traffic a lot faster, we can go a lot of places that buses and cars just can't go and parking is a dream. So now you are asking yourself why don't you guys have lots of information on sites and places to see and things to do. Well because I like many others hate being a foreigner in Asia and getting shown cookie cutter tours of places. What we do is work with individuals and groups to see what they are interested in. Sight seeing the old temples? Shopping? Food? Clubs? Electronics? What is of interest to you or your group? We make custom lists and custom tours for everyone that uses our services. Looking for something longer distance say to Busan and back for a multiple day trip with hotels and food included, we can and have done that a few times and it was awesome. You live life once, doing a scooter or motorcycle tour around Korea or even just Seoul with a professional guide (who is also and expert rider) is a once in a life time chance. Don't let it pass you by!

Two wheels not your cup of tea? Or just to cold out for your taste? We have partnerships with various companies around Seoul to offer you discounted rates (and all service in English) for things like Helicopter Tours, Jet Ski rentals, Water jet shoes, and yes even skydiving. We also offer in house party taxi and party bus service getting people from various hotels to meet up and hit the clubs and bars around town. These cars and buses will offer normal tour options during the day and evening during the winter season though for those brave enough scooter tours and rentals do continue during the winter so long as there is no snow or ice. Prices change according to season and how many people you have coming so give us a call or email us and we can get you a quote.

Korea Scooter Tours |G'moto

Scooter & Motorcycle Rental Service

Korea Scooter Tours by G'moto is proud to be the first rental company in Korea to cater specifically to foreigners visiting the Seoul Metro area. Our rates are the best you will find in Korea hands down. Our fleet of rental bikes and scooters is constantly growing and is kept in top notch condition. All rentals come with liability insurance and helmet(s) included. To rent a bike you will need a drivers license from your home country (with international translation recommended) or a Korean license plus your passport. The passport is kept as a deposit for the duration of the rental. Prices are listed above and as mentioned Sundays we are closed so if your rental time goes over a Sunday then that day will be discounted 50% of the normal rate. Also for longer rental terms a discount can be made depending how long you will rent. Each rental is given a full tank of fuel from the start and it is required to be returned with a full tank of fuel as well. 

HOW TO MAKE A RESERVATION? Call 02-567-1283 Mon-Fri 10am-6pm or Saturday 10am - 2pm or

message us on Facebook. or

400cc motorcycle starts at 200 USD per day

insurance. free helmets

(only cover liability)

​Deposit 300usd with Credit card. (don't have any problems after you return, you will receive a refund.)

This includes a guide, a vehicle and a meal. It will  save your time and money.

Explore it. Korean karaoke!

02-568-1283 (KR/EN/JP)

405, Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 서울 강남구 언주로 405

Easy to pay for Deposit on PAYPAL

A couple, a private room for friends,

Champagne and whiskey!

650cc motorcycle starts at 250 USD per day

insurance. free helmets

(only cover liability)

​Deposit 500usd with Credit card. (don't have any problems after you return, you will receive a refund.)